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Maggie Jane (Jan) Carter

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The Half-Breed : The Beginning Of The End

The Half-Breed : The Beginning Of The End

I turned to walk away. “He is your son, you know.” I stopped just as the darkness of the corridor blanketed my face. “The child she bears? He is yours. And he will be afflicted.”
I felt my stomach curl into a ball. “What do you mean” I spat out between gritted teeth.
“The little boy is special. He will inherit from you both… if he lives.”
“He’s gonna be a jaguar and a wolf?” I’ve never heard of such a thing happening.
I turned and watched as she sashayed towards me. “And his body will be too weak to make it through childbirth. His heart will not be strong enough.”
“So he’s gonna die.”
She nodded slowly as she came chest to chest with me. “But he doesn’t have to. I could save him.”
“Perfect. And what do I have to do?”